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Drywall Finishing

Drywall doesn’t look impressive before it gets completed. However, once the installation is completed, you will see how beautiful it can be. Drywall is also very easy to install; that is why it is the top choice for many homeowners.

It is essential to finish drywall to make sure joints and screws are all covered to add a more beautiful look to your wall. It also prepares your wall for painting and wallpaper installation. Hire the best contractor to do the job for you to ensure that the job is done correctly.

If you require professional drywall finishing contractors in Atlanta, we are the best option for you because we are knowledgeable in taping and feathering the edges to ensure the finished product is smooth. We are professional, and we make sure everything gets done with a high standard.

Drywall Texture Application

Application of drywall texture is becoming more popular nowadays, especially in the Atlanta area. You can either choose the Spanish Knife pattern that adds to the authentic textured look of your wall or the Knock-Back texture to make your wall appear more vibrant.

Drywall texture is more than just a DIY project you can do on the weekend. It involves a detailed and extensive procedure that may be challenging for an inexperienced homeowner. You might end up having unfinished and mismatch texture application if you choose to DIY. Get our service, and we will deliver a high-quality drywall texture application to your home.

Texture application can help repair happen, and it covers dents or dings that drywall taps through time. We want to help you with the texture application. Give us a call now, and we will give you a free quote on drywall finishes.

Drywall Texture Removal, Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings, as well as substandard texture walls, are the thing of the past and many homeowners just want to get rid of them right away.

Popcorn can shed from your ceiling and leave debris all over your home. You can substitute your popcorn ceiling for a smoother surface that doesn’t sustain dust and is easy to clean.

    We are experienced when it comes to removing drywall texture, and we make sure that we keep up with the new trends in drywall services to ensure that we can provide premium service around the Atlanta area.

    Wallpaper Removal Services

    Many trends in home décor easily come and go, but your wallpaper doesn’t have to stay there for a long time. We can remove your wallpaper without damaging the drywall behind. Years of experience in this field has increased our artistry when it comes to this area of service.  

    Many homeowners rely on a variety of chemicals and do the service themselves. However, these materials are no match for the skills and expertise of professional contractors. We are aware of the most effective way to remove different types of wallpaper, and we can determine the kind of wallpaper installed in your home so we can remove it in no time.

    We will leave your property with confidence that the job is done right and the place is clean and ready for redecoration. Call us today for your free quote.

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